Monthly Archive: March 2020


All Virtual Methods Are Abstract in CPP

Virtual is a keyword to declare that the method must be override If all method is virtual and equals 0, the class runs as an interface. Override keywords shows that the virtual method has...


initializer_list c++

If you set a list to an abject (or on auto keyword). CPP compiler assumes that the type of variable is initializer_list


Constexpr in C++

Constexpr is a new keyword for a C++ developer. Normally Const returns constant but in runtime. Constexpr generally is used in front of a function. The function should be able to calculate in compile...


Enums in C++

Here is the short note Enum class a new type, It is, of course, an enum bat using namespace. Type is the variable is char in here and the value of a type declared...


Smart pointers

There are two types of smart pointers. The unique pointer is a standard method which came from C++11 implementation that returns a pointer. A unique pointer does not to be shared by other parts...


Cast in C++

My short notes for casting in C++ Static Cast Checks in compile time that the types of the casing is possible and correct Reinterpret Cast Allows casting in different types. Even if the types...


Copy and Move Constructors

In the life of the C++ programmer, there are 2 major interesting constructor strategies. One of them is for copping an object and the other for moving data. The copy constructor is basic structure...


Delete, Default and Delegating Constructors

If you using modern C++ in your programing life there are three important concepts in your life to manage methods. If you compose a class without writing your own constructor (or copy constructor), The...